Mastering your camera

(yes, it's possible)


All cameras, whether they are compact, mirrorless, reflex or film-based, work fundamentally the same way since the very first photo, taken in 1827 by Nicéphore Niépce.

So why are we drowned in endless commands, menus, functions and symbols?


Modern cameras are so complex that you must not only read hundreds of user guide pages, but also practice on a regular basis simply to memorize the main functions! We're a long way from any ease in shooting.

At the heart of their dense technology, our complex modern cameras remain mere light catching boxes. FICTIS proposes a hierarchical prioritization of the functions to achieve the necessary simplification required for pleasurable shooting; to perceive your device as a simple light chamber containing a sensitive surface.

Our private coachings are an efficient way to be guided through your camera to find the essence of the photographic language.