FICTIS offers private coaching and classes on photography in English and French in the greater Montreal area.


We promote a creative approach, in a friendly environment.


FICTIS emphasizes learning the fundamentals while explaining the specifics. We have a historical and cultural perspective on creative languages. It is therefore sometimes necessary to revise the basics while pursuing an active creative practice.

Trainings by creative, working professionals

FICTIS teachers are active creators who are Montreal-based professionals involved in their community.

FICTIS does not sell gear

We're here to teach overarching principles applicable to all equipment and to help you find the parameters, within your current equipment, for effective photography.

Private coaching

Available in blocks of 2, 3 or 15 hours, our private coachings can also accommodate 1 or 2 guests. This option, in addition to reducing the cost of training, is ideal for students or communicators who have similar notions to refine. Unity is strength!

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In addition to offering private training in Hochelaga and Old-Montreal, we also offer them at the location of your choice with our mobile training option.


FICTIS offers the option of private training at the location of your choice. This is available within a radius of 10km from downtown Montreal, or near a metro station, at a fixed rate of $30. Other travel options are available, contact us for more details.


The flexibility of our booking platform allows you to book your own course and, in the case of private trainings, to define the training location.

The booking platform is accessible 24 hours a day from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

FICTIS customers can re-schedule their private lessons up until 24 hours before the planned time. It's a flexible solution for busy people, freelancers, students and researchers. You have 100 days to set the appointment for your private training. (Maximum two postponements per appointment without extra fees)